Are there any harmful ingredients in the heating mechanism?
No, none at all, the only ingredients within the heating mechanism are simply water and calcium oxide (baked limestone), all perfectly harmless.


Is Hotcan dangerous in any way?
Well it does get hot, but so long as you put the cap on the base prior to activation there’s no problem.

Is it safe to use?
Yes, Hotcan is completely safe to use. It’s completely natural heating reaction, non-toxic and non-combustible.


Is it recyclable?
Yes, Hotcan is fully recyclable.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?
We offer a vegetarian option: Tomato and Cheese Ravioli and a Halal option: Chicken Curry with Rice. All dietary restrictions are clearly labelled on each can and on our MENU section of the website.

What is the shelf life?
The official shelf life is up to 5 years; however the oldest one we have known to be used is over 22 years old.

Here’s what one customer said who found an old can in his garage: “Dear Hotcan team, May I endorse your product which obtained about 1992 and it has been in my garage since then. Manufacture date was 1989. I thought I should throw it out but decided to see if it heated up. The intention was to still throw it away as it was so old but it did heat up so I decided to taste one spoonful. It was so tasty and hot that I ate the lot. It was delicious and a tribute to your product”, Terry Barnett, 26 March 2011

How long does a HOTCAN stay hot for after activation?
It depends on the ambient temperature but in normal conditions you can activate a HOTCAN and it will remain hot for up to 45 minutes.

Are there any times that Hotcan may not work?

Only if it’s left out in sub-zero-temperatures, as if the water pouch in the can freezes solid it can’t mix with the lime when activated. Obviously as you’d expect if the whole can is really cold then it will take longer to heat up.

How much food is there in a Hotcan?
Each can contains between 400g and 415g of our delicious, nutritious food – typically 25% more than other MRE’s or convenience foods.

Can Hotcans be re-activated?
Unfortunately not, it can only heat the once.